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Ziyi Lin 林子熠
Phd. student
Ziyi Lin.jpg 1405 Software Institute Building
800 Dongchuan Rd.

Ziyi Lin is a Phd. student at School of Software in Shanghai Jiaotong University. His main research interest is to improve multithreading programming quality.

  • Education
2013 fall - 2014 fall University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Visiting Study
2012 - present Shanghai Jiaotong University Phd. student
2007 - 2010 Shanghai Jiaotong University Master
2002 - 2006 East China Normal University Bachelor
  • Working
2010 Spring - 2012 Fall Bleum Software Development Company Java Developer
  • Publications
    • Ziyi Lin, Hao Zhong, Yuting Chen and Jianjun Zhao.LockPeeker: Detecting Latent Locks in Java APIs.In Proc. ASE, 2016. File:LockPeeker.pdf
    • Ziyi Lin, Darko Marinov, Hao Zhong, Yuting Chen and Jianjun Zhao.JaConTeBe: A Benchmark Suite of Real-World Java Concurrency Bugs.In Proc. ASE, 2015.File:JaConTeBe.pdf
    • Christoph Bockisch, Marnix van ’t Riet, Haihan Yin, Mehmet Aksit, Ziyi Lin, Yuting Chen, Jianjun Zhao.Trace-based Debugging for Advanced-Dispatching Programming Languages.In Proc. ICOOOLPS, 2015
    • Ziyi Lin, Beijun Shen.Automatic Web News Extraction Using Blocking Tag.In Proc. ICMV, 2009
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