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Yuting CHEN(陈 雨亭)Chenyuting.jpg
Associate Professor
DDST/STAP Lab, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Office: SEIEE Building 3-511 (电信群楼3号楼511办公室)
#800 Dongchuan Rd., Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, China
Email: chenyt at(@); chenyt at(@)

  • Biography
    • Yuting Chen received the B.S. and M.S.degrees in Computer Science from Nanjing University, China, in 2000 and 2003, respectively. He received the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Hosei University, Japan, in 2007. He joined the Software Schoolat SJTU in 2008, and then moved to the CS department in 2015. Yuting Chen visited University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) in 2007 and University of California at Davis (UCD) in 2015 as a visiting scholar.
  • Recent Publications
    • Ting Su, Ke Wu, Weikai Miao, Geguang Pu, Jifeng He, Yuting Chen, Zhendong Su: A Survey on Data-Flow Testing. ACM Comput. Surv. 50(1): 5:1-5:35 (2017)
    • Ting Su, Guozhu Meng, Yuting Chen, Ke Wu, Weiming Yang, Yao Yao, Geguang Pu, Yang Liu, Zhendong Su. Guided, Stochastic Model-Based GUI Testing of Android Apps. The 11th joint meeting of the European Software Engineering Conference and the ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE 2017)
    • Ziyi Lin, Hao Zhong, Yuting Chen and Jianjun Zhao. LockPeeker: Detecting Latent Locks in Java APIs. ASE 2016.
    • Yuting Chen, Ting Su, Chengnian Sun, Zhendong Su, and Jianjun Zhao. Coverage-Directed Differential Testing of JVM Implementations. In Proc. ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI 2016), Santa Barbara, CA, June 13-17, 2016. preprintslides
    • Xiao Cheng, Hao Zhong, Yuting Chen, Zhenjiang Hu, and Jianjun Zhao. Rule-Directed Code Clone Synchronization. In Proc. 24th IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension (ICPC 2016), Austin, TX, May 16-17, 2016.
    • Xiao Cheng, Yuting Chen, Zhenjiang Hu, Tao Zan, Mengyu Liu, Hao Zhong, and Jianjun Zhao. Supporting Selective Undo for Refactoring. In Proc. 23rd IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering (SANER 2016), Osaka, Japan, March 2016.
    • Yuting Chen, Zhendong Su:Guided differential testing of certificate validation in SSL/TLS implementations. ESEC/SIGSOFT FSE 2015: 793-804 preprint[1]
    • Ziyi Lin, Darko Marinov, Hao Zhong, Yuting Chen, Jianjun Zhao: JaConTeBe: A Benchmark Suite of Real-World Java Concurrency Bugs. ASE 2015: 178-189
    • Qi Wang, Jingyu Zhou, Yuting Chen, Yizhou Zhang, Jianjun Zhao: Extracting URLs from JavaScript via program analysis. ESEC/SIGSOFT FSE 2013: 627-630
  • Research Interests and Selected Publications
    • Program Analysis - How to Analyze Program and Detect Program Errors
        • Qiang Sun, Yuting Chen, Jianjun Zhao: Constraint-based locality analysis for X10 programs. PEPM 2013: 137-146
        • Qiang Sun, Jianjun Zhao, Yuting Chen: Probabilistic Points-to Analysis for Java. CC 2011: 62-81
        • Cheng Zhang, Hao Xu, Sai Zhang, Jianjun Zhao, Yuting Chen: Frequency Estimation of Virtual Call Targets for Object-Oriented Programs. ECOOP 2011: 510-532
        • Cheng Zhang, Dacong Yan, Jianjun Zhao, Yuting Chen, Shengqian Yang: BPGen: an automated breakpoint generator for debugging. ICSE (2) 2010: 271-274
        • Omar el Ariss, Dianxiang Xu, W. Eric Wong, Yuting Chen, Yann-Hang Lee: A Systematic Approach for Integrating Fault Trees into System Statecharts. COMPSAC 2008: 120-123
    • Software Testing - How to Effectively Select Test Cases
        • Yu Lin, Xucheng Tang, Yuting Chen, Jianjun Zhao: A Divergence-Oriented Approach to Adaptive Random Testing of Java Programs. ASE 2009: 221-232
        • Shaoying Liu, Yuting Chen: A relation-based method combining functional and structural testing for test case generation. Journal of Systems and Software 81(2): 234-248 (2008)
    • Dependable Systems Development Based on Formal Engineering Methods - Modelling, Technical Review, and Testing
        • Shaoying Liu, Yuting Chen, Fumiko Nagoya, John A. McDermid: Formal Specification-Based Inspection for Verification of Programs. IEEE Trans. Software Eng. 38(5): 1100-1122 (2012)
        • Shaoying Liu, John A. McDermid, Yuting Chen: A Rigorous Method for Inspection of Model-Based Formal Specifications. IEEE Transactions on Reliability 59(4): 667-684 (2010)
        • Yuting Chen, Shaoying Liu, W. Eric Wong: A Review Approach to Detecting Violations of Consistency between Specification and Program Structures. International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering 18(8): 1013-1042 (2008)
        • Yuting Chen, Shaoying Liu, Fumiko Nagoya: A Tool-Supported Review Approach to Detecting Structural Consistency Violations. ICECCS 2006: 121-130
        • Fumiko Nagoya, Shaoying Liu, Yuting Chen: A Tool and Case Study for Specification-Based Program Review. COMPSAC (1) 2005: 375-380
        • Shaoying Liu, Fumiko Nagoya, Yuting Chen, Masashi Goya, John A. McDermid: An Automated Approach to Specification-Based Program Inspection. ICFEM 2005: 421-434
        • Yuting Chen, Shaoying Liu, Fumiko Nagoya: An Approach to Integration Testing Based on Data Flow Specifications. ICTAC 2004: 235-249
        • Yuting Chen, Shaoying Liu: An Approach to Detecting Domain Errors Using Formal Specification-Based Testing. APSEC 2004: 276-283
    • Others
        • Yuting Chen,Jingyu Zhou, Jianjun Zhao: Programming Languages fo the Internet. Communications of the CCF, 9(4), April 2013 (in Chinese).
  • Teaching
    • Program Analysis and Verification[2]
    • Programming in C++
    • Formal Methods
    • Advanced Software Engineering
    • Summer Project
    • Compiler: Principle and Techniques
    • Software Architecture
    • Parallel Computing
  • Projects
    • 针对网络安全证书验证代码的测试及测试证书随机性优化技术研究(PD) 国家自然基金面上项目(2016.1-2019.12)
    • 基于模拟执行的软件功能规约的安全性验证(PD) 国家自然基金青年基金(2012.1-2014.12)
    • 基于开源生态的网构化软件开发原理和方法(参与) 国家重点基础研究发展计划(973计划)项目(2015.1-2019.12)
    • 体系结构驱动的可信软件构造方法与技术研究(参与) 国家自然基金“可信软件基础研究”重大研究计划重点支持项目(2012.1-2015.12)
    • Trustie 技术在航天控制软件生产过程中的可信评估、应用和演化研究(参与) 科技部863重点项目“高可信软件生产工具及集成环境”二期课题(2009.9-2010.12)
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